The Island Before No

The Island Before No

By: Christina Uss

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When a kid who can say NO visits an island of walruses who can only say YES, chaos ensues in this hilarious debut picture book. For fans of NO Is All I Know!

When you're a walrus living on an island where the answer to every question is YES, life is pretty simple, especially when that's all you've ever known. It's great when you want a slice of birthday cake for breakfast . . . and not so great when someone asks you to wear an itchy shirt.

But one day, a kid shows up, brandishing an entirely new word: NO. NO is heavy like a bookcase, solid as a boulder. It's not shaped like YES, but somehow, it's still an answer. The kid calls his friends to come visit the island too, and it's not long before they've eaten up all of the yummiest food without sharing. What's worse, none of them bring their own toothbrushes . . .

It becomes clear that what the walruses all need is to find their own NO . . . not only to hold back the rampaging horde of children — but for their own sakes as well. The Island Before No is a hilarious new picture book that blends its zany fun with an important message about respecting and setting boundaries.

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Penguin Random House

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