Explanatorium of the Earth

Explanatorium of the Earth

By: DK

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Packed with fun facts and incredible visuals, this Earth encyclopedia covers everything from supervolcanoes to tsunamis.

Welcome to the Explanatorium, where the wonders of science are revealed. Watch as tectonic plates tear apart and collide. Witness the destructive power of earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes.

This science book for kids aged 9-12 answers the biggest and smallest questions about our planet, whether it’s tornadoes, tsunamis or tectonic plates. Exploratorium of Earth brings science to life with striking photographic explanations, helping kids to understand just how the world works.

This fact-filled science compendium for children offers:

- An extensive guide to our planet – breaking down science in an age-appropriate way for children aged 9-12.
- Supports the science curriculum in schools up to Key Stage 3.
- A microscope, telescope and kaleidoscope of knowledge all rolled into one, with breathtaking photography to illustrate key concepts.

What makes volcanoes erupt? Why are tornadoes and hurricanes so destructive? How do rocks, fossils, and gems form? Go on an incredible voyage deep into the heart of our planet and back to discover the powerful forces that continually shape and remodel our ever-changing world. Discover how tectonic plates move millimetre by millimetre to create continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and volcanoes. Witness the destructive power of earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Be inspired by all this and more in this ultimate guide to Earth for budding scientists.

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