The Book of Bedtime Stories

The Book of Bedtime Stories

By: Debi Gliori

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This book contains a treasure trove of classic bedtime stories, taking little ones on a magical journey into the world of the most popular ones.

Have fun reading along with your little one as you introduce them to well-known bedtime stories including, Little Red Hen, Three Little Pigs, The Lion and the Mouse, and many more!

These classic tales we all know and love so well are perfect for bedtime reading and will allow parents and young ones to enjoy them time and time again. Children aged 0-5 will love pouring over the colorful illustrations that accompany and enrich the stories and bring the quirky characters to life.

This engaging bedtime storybook for kids offers:

- Beautiful illustrations that accompany each tale, bringing excitement into each and every one.
- 9 classic and favorite tales little ones to read and enjoy, whilst developing important listening and language skills.
- An array of fun and familiar stories that creates a long-lasting interest and love for storytelling.

This book of classic and favourite tales is both enjoyable and educational, teaching children storytelling which helps to develop important skills, such as listening skills, a rich range of language skills, concentration, and oral storytelling. The Book of Bedtime Stories makes a great gift and is the perfect book for parents and carers to share with their little ones.

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Penguin Random House

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