How Technology Works

How Technology Works

By: DK

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Get inside the machinery of the modern world and understand the science that makes it all work.

Have you ever been tempted to take the back off your TV? Have you wondered about what's going on beneath your feet on the street where you live? How Technology Works lifts the lid on the technology you use all the time but take for granted. It also takes you to places you'll never get the chance to see, such as the inside of a nuclear storage facility or the crew capsule on top of a moon rocket. The book takes you on a journey of discovery, starting with technology at work inside the human body before exploring cities and factories and then blasting off into space. Along the way, you'll lose yourself in super-detailed illustrations that reveal amazing hidden things and explain how they work.

How Technology Works is an inspiring guide that makes technology fun, fascinating, and accessible for curious minds of all ages.

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Penguin Random House

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