Paris '44

Paris '44

By: Patrick Bishop

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Celebrating the eightieth anniversary of the liberation of Paris, a heart-stopping countdown narrative recreating the liberation of Paris in 1944, one of the great hinge moments of WW2.

The fall of Paris to the Nazis in June 1940 seemed like the darkest day of the Second World War; and the liberation of the city in August 1944 felt like the brightest.

The liberation was a hinge moment of immense significance for the twentieth century, heralding the final victory of light over darkness and opening the door to a future free from fear. It was also the party of the century: champagne flowed freely, total strangers embraced - it was a celebration of life renewed against the backdrop of the world's favourite city, seen in by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Lee Miller, JD Salinger, Picasso, and Robert Capa.

This happy ending has come to feel as if it was pre-ordained. But there was nothing inevitable about it. Had things gone differently Paris might have gone down as a ghastly monument to Nazi nihilism, reduced to a rubble-strewn graveyard.

This book, timed for the eightieth anniversary of the liberation of Paris, tells the story of those iridescent days in a startling new way. In a countdown narrative, packed with drama, heroism, joy—and heart-thumping suspense—the City of Lights' fate hangs in the balance.

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McClelland & Stewart

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Penguin Random House

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