By: Robert Munsch (CA)

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Laurie veut un nouveau fauteuil roulant tout-terrain à 92 vitesses, argent et or, rien de moins! Quand elle reçoit une contravention en essayant ce bolide sur la route, ses parents décident de le retourner au magasin. Mais lorsque son frère a un accident, seule Laurie peut le sauver avec son superfauteuil!

Finally it's time for Lauretta to get a new wheelchair. But she isn't satisfied with a regular 5- or 10- speed model. Nothing will do but the 92-speed, black, silver and red, dirt bike wheelchair! When Lauretta gets a speeding ticket during her one-day tryout of the super wheels, her parents tell her the wheelchair has to go back. But when her brother has an accident, only Lauretta and her 92-speed, black, silver and red, dirt-bike wheelchair can get him to the hospital in time!

Original title: Zoom!

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Scholastic Canada Ltd

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Scholastic Canada Limited

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