Dead Men Don't Lie

Dead Men Don't Lie

By: Jackson Cain

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Known just as much for his highly realistic, impeccably researched settings and authentic characters as for his action-packed plots, Jackson Cain kicks off a new series featuring notorious outlaw Torn Slater. In this first adventure, he blazes through the lawless wilds of 19th Century Arizona Territory and into the brutal violence of Mexico under the savage dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz.

Wanted in thirteen states. Locked up for two years in a Mexican prison. Released into the wilds of the American West with a twenty-thousand-dollar bounty on his head. The outlaw Torn Slater doesn't just live outside the law, he takes it into his own hands--and makes it cry for mercy...

After robbing some banks, Slater knows he should lay low. But when a beautiful widow asks for his help, he can't say no. Her reckless son has gone looking for trouble in Mexico--and found it in a woman called "La Senorita." This power-mad femme fatale combines the torture methods of the Spanish Inquisition with the heart-ripping rituals of the Aztecs to get whatever she wants. And she wants the widow's son. Slater would be lying if he said taking down "La Senorita" would be easy. But dead men don't lie...

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Paperback / softback | Mass market (rack) paperback

Penguin Random House

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