One Win a Day

One Win a Day

By: Charlotte Greedy

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From the Sunday Times bestselling author of You Do You, an interactive workbook designed to bring a bit more magic into your everyday life, one day at a time.

You can start at any point of the year. Every page contains a simple act of self-care to take on each day, that will make today just that little bit better than yesterday. It's the best friend by your bedside - a safe space to help you take stock, take a moment for yourself, and then get ready to take on the world!

Try your hand at self-care bingo one day. Get back to nature the next. Learn how to heal yourself using your love language. Practice celebrating your daily success, whether this is making your bed or finally catching up with that friend you've been meaning to chat to for ages.

With Charlotte's signature humour and heart, this book is here to cheer you on through the ups and downs the year may bring, and take small steps towards happiness a little more each day.

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