Old Keyam and Black Hawk


In a monumental moment in literary history, the Collected Works of Canon Edward Ahenakew (vol. 1) brings together two semi-autobiographical stories, Old Keyam and the never-before-published Black Hawk.

Written during the early twentieth century, Old Keyam and Black Hawk are semi-autobiographical stories told in the charming, insightful voice of Canon Edward Ahenakew. Through the fictional character Old Keyam, Ahenakew protests against the colonial settler’s attempts to force the Cree peoples into “civilization.” Despite the pained and angry voice of Old Keyam, the story is also at once humorous and satirical.

Following Old Keyam is the never-before-published Black Hawk. It tells the story of a young Cree man who, despite being a Christian, experiences discrimination as he navigates the changing society in Canada at the start of the 20th century, including the pass system and boarding school (residential school). Readers will discover a beautiful, charming love story as Black Hawk navigates the joy and pain of a budding romance.