Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters

Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters

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Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters is a comprehensive field guide written by Lynda Corkum, who is a professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor.  Lynda’s also a long standing member of the Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club and past president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research.

In her dedication, Lynda writes … “This book is for my family and for all those who love to learn.”  Trust me, when you open it up and start reading, you will find it difficult to put down.

Indeed, there is hardly a fish you can think of that is not covered in detail in the field guide.  From lampreys and sturgeon, sunfish and bass, to sculpins and sticklebacks it all here.  Everything you could ever want to know about the fish, from its family history and key identifying characteristics to its spawning habitat and diet.  Over 100 freshwater species are covered in detail.

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