Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay

Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay

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Tells, in detail, the dramatic stories of the 12 most famous shipwrecks in Georgian Bay:

ARABIA (1884), SWEEPSTAKES (1885), HMS NANCY (1814), MARY WARD (1872), WAUBUNO (1879), JANE MILLER (1881), ATLANTIC (ex-MANITOULIN) (1903, and, earlier, 1882),

MAPLEDAWN (1924), the two fascinating shipwrecks found in the summer of 2018,

the MANASOO (1928) and the J. H. JONES (1906), and the stories of two shipwrecks still missing: the GRIFFON (1679), with an update of information that includes Cris and Joan’s participation in the Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown search with Josh Gates in 2018,

and the ASIA (1882), the worst disaster on all of Lake Huron — with that wreck still waiting to be found!

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