The Summer of the Ennead: A Tale of Awakening

The Summer of the Ennead: A Tale of Awakening

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"We do not set out to change the world. We start with ourselves and those near us. We start with our small community and its environment."

It is the summer of 1985, and nine cousins are spending their break helping to run their grandparent's campground. Their arrival sparks a special feeling among their grandparents and their grandmother's nephew, Ethan. They believe the number nine is powerful-an ennead-and that something magical will happen because of its existence.

With the help of their grandparents, the children mature quickly into caring and competent young people as they take on responsibilities at the campground and learn how to care for their environment. The children also learn about their totem animals, and as they do, they meet and create deeper connections with these animal beings. As the group grows stronger, they transform in mind, spirit, and body-and become their spirit animals! This ability makes for an even greater connection to Mother Earth. The children, their grandparents, and Ethan commit to doing whatever they can to protect the earth, even if it means fighting against all odds.

Blending elements of ancient philosophy, spirituality, and the natural environment, The Summer of the Ennead: A Tale of Awakening is about what might happen in a world where all life is valued, where caring for Mother Earth outweighs giving in to greed and selfishness, and where working together makes us stronger than working apart. Ultimately, it is a story of love, kindness, and hope.

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