The Yellow Bus

The Yellow Bus

By: Loren Long

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From #1 New York Times bestselling and beloved creator Loren Long, The Yellow Bus is a tender and heartfelt ode to educators -- a great gift for National Teachers' Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and graduation time.

There is a bright yellow bus who spends her days driving. She loves carrying children from one important place to another. But as time passes, things change: new drivers, new routes, and new passengers. Yet, no matter where she is, the Yellow Bus finds joy and discovery in the world around her -- and in those she helps along the way.

With stirring black-and-white artwork and powerful pops of color, The Yellow Bus is a story filled with gratitude for the teachers, mentors, coaches and many more who inspire and empower little ones every day. Perfect for fans of Dear Teacher and Because I Had a Teacher, this new classic from Loren Long is a beautiful celebration of educators and all they do.

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Roaring Brook Press

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Hardback | Picture book

Raincoast Book Distribution Limited

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