Is This a Jack-O'-Lantern?

Is This a Jack-O'-Lantern?

By: Amanda Sobotka

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We’ve got a treat for you! Snuggle up with your little ghoul or goblin with this touch-and-feel Halloween extravaganza!

Let your little Halloween sleuth get their hands on this delightful touch-and-feel book! Meet a lineup of adorable Halloween characters and ask, “Is this a jack-o’-lantern?” Here’s a trick-or-treat twist: one of these might just be a sneaky pumpkin in disguise! These catchy verses encourage children to guess what each page will hold. This adorable book is perfect for your curious kiddo this Halloween season. And while your little one is busy giggling and guessing, they’ll also be sharpening their fine motor skills and boosting their cognitive development. Who knew learning could be such a treat? This book is more fun than a bucket full of candy (and it lasts longer, too!).

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Applesauce Press

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Board book

Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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