Peep Inside the Sea

Peep Inside the Sea

By: Anna Milbourne

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Peep Inside is the very young children's lift-the-flap information book series, the younger cousin of the Look Inside series which is, in turn, the younger relative of the bestselling See Inside series. With flaps and holes to peep underneath and through, life beneath the sea is revealed. Snippets of information are combined with intriguing and stylish pictures, building vocabulary and awareness of the world at the same time. Part of the bestselling 'Peep Inside' series which includes 'Zoo', 'Garden', 'Farm', 'Night-Time', 'Jungle', 'Animal Homes', 'Dinosaurs'. 'Castle' and 'Space'.

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Publisher name:
Usborne Books

Publication date:

Hardback | Kartonnage (Sweden)

HarperCollins Canada

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