Night, Sea and Stars

Night, Sea and Stars

By: Heather Graham

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It was fate that helped fashion executive Skye Delaney survive the crash of a Lear jet. It was also fate that stranded her on a Pacific island with the plane's pilot, a seductive man who is both domineering and unexpectedly tender—a man to desire, but not to trust.

Discovering that he is actually Kyle Jagger—a ruthless business tycoon with a reputation as an international playboy—makes Skye even more wary . . . at first. In a sultry Eden where a man's passion and a woman's love are their only hope for survival, she succumbs to Kyle's tender caresses.

But Skye has a fiancé back in the States, and Kyle is rumored to have a wife. Once they return to their separate worlds, will they lose each other forever? Or will a love born in paradise bring a lifetime of joy and happiness to two yearning hearts?

Praise for Heather Graham and her novels

“Graham combines mystery with sizzling romance.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Has a talent for characterization and romantic tension.”
—New York Daily News

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Paperback / softback | Mass market (rack) paperback

Penguin Random House

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