10, 9, 8 dinosaures

10, 9, 8 dinosaures

By: Nicholas Oldland (CA)

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Un livre adorable pour apprendre à compter à rebours, de 10 à zéro! (Les dinosaures ont disparu après tout!). Les petits y découvriront le nom de plusieurs dinosaures en plus des verbes associés à chacune de leurs actions.

L'humour enjoué de Nicholas Oldland et ses illustrations amusantes redonnent vie à un concept familier mais combien populaire auprès des jeunes lecteurs.

A beautiful book to discover a cute and creative backwards-counting adventure! Readers will count troups of dinosaurs from 10 to 1 - to none! (They're extinct, after all!) It includes dinosaur names, action words suited to the different dinosaurs' physicality, and opposite pairings to round out the learning experience.

With Oldland's playful humour and quirky illustrations, 10, 9, 8 dinosaures is a fresh approach to a familiar concept that children will want to read again and again.

Original title: Dinosaur Countdown

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Scholastic Canada Ltd

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Paperback / softback | Picture book

Scholastic Canada Limited

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