LEGO City : Répare ce camion!

LEGO City : Répare ce camion!

By: Michael Anthony Steele

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Kévin passe la journée au garage de son père, et il semble que tout aille de travers! D'abord, il fait tomber une pyramide de pneus, puis il renverse de l'huile partout sur le plancher. Son père se demande s'il n'est pas trop jeune pour donner un coup de main… jusqu'à ce que Kévin sauve la situation!

Kévin is spending the day working at his dad's garage, but there seems to be trouble around every corner! First he knocks over a pyramid of tires, then he spills oil all over the floor. Dad wonders if maybe Eric is just too young to be helping out at the garage... But in the end, Eric finds his dad's lucky wrench tucked away in a corner. Only Eric could have found it since he's so small!

Original title: LEGO City: Fix That Truck!

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Scholastic Canada Ltd

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Scholastic Canada Limited

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