Power Play


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“You’re going to spend some time on the power play, on penalty kill, and start right off as the second line centre,” he told me.

I didn’t question why he was putting me on the second line. I’d show him the first line was the place I belonged.

“The important thing is that you’ve been drafted,” he said. “You’re going to play Junior A, and you’re going to be on my team. You’re my player.”

No one is tougher than Cody: not his hockey teammates, not his rivals on the ice, not even his old man after he’s been drinking. Cody only wants one thing—to make it to the NHL—and he won’t let anything get in his way. When a Junior A league scout helps Cody make the draft and becomes his coach, Cody can hardly believe it. Finally, someone who sees his potential! But he soon learns that his new champion will take as much as he gives. And, before long, Cody’s lucky break has transformed into a nightmare of secrets, lies and a terrible abuse of power.