The Mother Of All Pregnancy Books 3rd Edition

The Mother Of All Pregnancy Books 3rd Edition

By: Ann Douglas (CA)

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The #1 All-Canadian Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

For over two decades, Canadians have counted on Ann Douglas for her reassuring, proven and never bossy advice. Featuring the latest recommendations from Canadian health authorities and the best tips from more than 100 Canadian parents, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books is an indispensable resource for giving your baby the healthiest possible start on life. Inside, you’ll find

· Facts about nutrition during pregnancy, prenatal testing, pain relief and breastfeeding

· Strategies for dealing with morning sickness and other common pregnancy complaints

· Tips on coping with a high-risk pregnancy from moms who have been there

· Information about alternative and complementary therapies

· Updated research findings on topics including prenatal mood disorders

· Inside scoop on what labour is really like with strategies for planning for the birth you want

· A sneak peek at life with your baby

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HarperCollins Publishers

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