5-Minute Basketball Stories


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Go courtside with the biggest stars and greatest games!

5-Minute Basketball Stories is an action-packed collection of twelve tales about today’s superstars, NBA legends, and the best basketball games of all time. From incredible game-winning dunks, to jaw-dropping world records, to edge-of-your-seat comebacks—each story is perfect for reading aloud in five minutes.

Ideal for young fans and future stars, 5-Minute Basketball Stories includes:

·         Steph Curry overcoming doubts to score 17 points in five minutes of overtime

·         Kevin Durant setting a Guinness World Record in India along with over 3,000 kids

·         LeBron James clinching the NBA Championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time ever

·         Steve Nash surprising opponents with his fast “seven seconds or less” playing style that changed basketball

·         James Naismith using two peach baskets and a couple ladders to invent the world’s fastest-growing sport

·         Michael Jordan making his legendary “Last Shot” in a must-win game for the Chicago Bulls

·         Candace Parker picking up basketball at age 13 to become the best WNBA player of all time

·         The US Dream Team of the world’s best basketball players learning from a shocking loss to win Olympic Gold in 1992

Plus Yao Ming, Andrew Wiggins and Shaquille O’Neal and more…