The CBD Bible

The CBD Bible

By: Dani Gordon (CA)

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Safe, practical advice on how to effectively use CBD from a leading Canadian doctor and international authority on cannabis wellness

For over a decade, Dr. Dani Gordon has been researching and integrating cannabis into her medical practice, witnessing first-hand how CBD can be used for wellness and self-care and in the treatment of medical conditions. In The CBD Bible, Dr. Gordon helps you understand your body’s endocannabinoid system and how CBD and THC interact with your own natural cannabinoids to help restore balance in your body’s organs.

In this comprehensive guide, she dispels common myths, answers frequently asked questions and offers sensible, proven advice on how cannabis may help you:

· relieve muscle aches, arthritis and chronic pain without the side effects of common medication

· reduce anxiety, improve brain wellness and calm the nervous system

· improve common skin issues including acne and eczema, and harness the anti-aging properties of CBD

· alleviate autoimmune conditions, reducing the use of drugs that carry serious side effects

· enhance sexual health while avoiding the negative effects of high-THC smoked cannabis

· attain healthy sleep by including a natural “sleep reset” protocol to heal disturbed sleep

Find out which CBD treatment is best for you, when to use it and how much to take—with Dr. Gordon’s non-biased and expert advice, you can learn to safely and effectively use cannabis in your everyday life.

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