Big Questions About the Body

Big Questions About the Body

By: Rachel Sousa Ashe De Firth

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Children love to ask questions about their bodies that adults struggle to answer, about life, death and everything in between. This is the book to give those curious children! Not just a tour of the body, its organs, and how they work, this book takes the time to answer questions kids didn't know they were allowed to ask. That means fun questions, such as 'What's itching for?' or 'What will humans look like a million year from now?', and also serious questions, such as 'Can we slow down ageing?' or 'Can we cure allergies?' Clear diagrams and fun cartoons guide readers through complex answers about how genes work, how brains learn, how bodies build themselves, and all sorts of fascinating topics. Carefully selected photos show what cells and tissue and other body parts really look like - for kids brave enough to look.

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Publisher name:
Usborne Books

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Hardback | Kartonnage (Sweden)

HarperCollins Canada

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