Elephantmen 2261 Volume 2

Elephantmen 2261 Volume 2

By: Richard Starkings

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The anthropomorphic pulp science-fiction thriller reaches a boiling point in this new collection of two complete graphic novels.

In “Theo Laroux Meets The Elephantmen!”, British documentarian, Theo Laroux, is in Los Angeles to interview the Elephantmen! As he learns more about Hip Flask, his girlfriend Miki and the relationship between Sahara and Obadiah Horn, he unwittingly discovers some information that will affect the lives of all the Elephantmen!

In “Under Each Skin”, Duplicants. Synthetics. Robots. Hip Flask and Jack Farrell find themselves caught up in a web of intrigue surrounding the appearance of a girl by the name of Alonia and the disappearance of a former associate of Jack's—a girl by the name of Scarlet.

This omnibus collects Elephantmen 2261 seasons 3 and 4 by creator/writer Richard Starkings, artist Axel Medellin, and a cover by artist Boo Cook!

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Publisher name:
Dark Horse Comics

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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