The Mommy Life

Laugh at the ups, downs, and silliness of mommy life with this collection of relatable illustrations that let you know you’re not alone.

Do you live for nap time? Can you find a sippy cup among the plastic rubble in less than ten seconds? Do your typical wardrobe choices amount to t-shirts and black leggings? If so, you might be a mother of young children, and Gina McMillen is here for you.

In Mommy Life, Gina offers her wry, fresh illustrations and commentary to remind you that you’re not alone. This book is the perfect refuge for when your three-year-old has a meltdown because you cut her sandwich the wrong way or the baby has decided naps are no longer his jam. This collection of relatable images will keep you sane during the dark days and remind you that all your kids need is you.