Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens

By: Skyhorse Publishing

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A Useful Tool for Raising your Flock
Now you can track your chickens’ egg production, growth, feeding habits, temperament, and health all in one journal! With over 190 lined pages and over 50 practical tips from chicken keeping enthusiasts, you can spend time each day recording your flock’s activities and learning more about your chickens. Enjoy tips like:
  • Protect coops from drafts in winter; cold air should never be blowing on chickens in the coop.
  • To make your own nest boxes, use plastic bins, laundry baskets, cat litter boxes, buckets, or wooden crates.
  • When chickens sleep, they go into a very deep trance. It’s a wonder they don’t fall off their roost!
Chicken keepers will appreciate the adorable art and the ease of keeping all of their notes and observations in one place. Make sure your chickens are the happiest and healthiest with this practical journal!

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