The Chalk Art Handbook

The Chalk Art Handbook

By: David Zinn

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A comprehensive guide for chalk art creators!
With so many searching for ways to have fun at home in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, chalk art has become a great way to do so while enjoying some fresh air. The Chalk Art Handbook offers budding artists a review of the tools involved, as well as tips and tricks to creating an array of sidewalk creatures. Artist David Zinn, whose work has been used as inspiration for elementary and middle school art lessons, offers step-by-step guidance on how to make chalk art come to life and advice on specific techniques such as smudging, perspective, and 3-D illusions. He also encourages artists to work outside the box with details on how to best incorporate concrete specks and natural holes or cracks in the ground into their artwork. The Chalk Art Handbook even includes bonus activities to keep everyone drawing happily both indoors and outdoors. The perfect gift for those looking for hours of outdoor fun!

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Hardback | Cloth over boards

Simon & Schuster

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