The 32 Unbreakable Laws of Money and Success

The 32 Unbreakable Laws of Money and Success

By: Brian Tracy

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How to develop a growth mindset, with practical tools to reach your financial goals from the self-development expert and bestselling author of Eat that Frog!

Discover the 32 laws that have helped self-made millionaires with successful goal setting, time management, money saving, and financial investments.

Legendary author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy returns with a series of 32 immutable laws, each one key to developing a mindset necessary for success—while also delivering practical, proven methods and techniques to double and even triple your income.

Spread across a structured two-part framework, this book supplies readers the laws that helped Tracy and other self-made millionaires achieve their success. Inside, you’ll learn:
  • 32 foundational laws necessary for a growth mindset
  • Step-by-step processes for putting the laws into practice
  • How to move past self-limiting beliefs
  • A time-tested system for setting and attaining goals
  • Strategies for saving money and investing in your future
  • And more

Achieving financial freedom can seem daunting. But by using the lessons and exercises contained in this book, you too can harness the laws of money and success to reach your full potential.

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Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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