The Fourth Species

The Fourth Species

By: A.E. Warren

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To protect the past, they must fight for their future. In the thrilling third book in the Tomorrow's Ancestors series a devastating change is on the horizon.

'A stonking good sci-fi & coming-of-age story all wrapped into one . . . a book that tackles humanity, hardship, and classism at the deepest level.' - Magic Radio Book Club

Elise has now been working for the infiltration department for a year, but is growing frustrated with their lack of progress, their unwillingness to fight back against an unjust world. When it's announced that they're going on the offensive, will she be ready for the consequences?

Twenty-Two finally has her freedom after serving her term of imprisonment. But not everyone believes she deserves to be released. If she is not welcome in Uracil, then where does she belong?

Genevieve's life as a high-ranking Medius is perfectly crafted to hide all weakness, but when she finds out what the Potior's have planned next at the Museum of Evolution, she starts to question her choices, and the cracks begin to show. Can she keep herself from shattering?

When a threat none of these women could have predicted comes to pass, they are all left to fight for their futures. Whether they are ready for it or not, their worlds will collide and nothing will be the same again . . .


'An unputdownable exploration into the ethics of science' Buzz Magazine'

Incredible . . . without a doubt one of the best YA sci-fi books I've ever read' Out and About Books

'Instantly engaging . . . widens out from a tale of a girl trying to find her own identity to a broader story encompassing an entire population's burden of oppression, and the desire for freedom' Track of Words

One of the rare debuts that are really five star reads. Subject Twenty One grabbed me instantly and I couldn't put it down' Dom Reads
Make sure you've read the whole series!

1. Subject Twenty-One
2. The Hidden Base
3. The Fourth Species

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Random House UK

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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