The Art of Clothing Care

The Art of Clothing Care

By: Steamery Stockholm

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What would happen if we turned our back on fast fashion trends? If we took time to slow down, to take pride in caring for our clothes and making them last as long as possible?

These are the questions at the heart of Steamery's mission. Since 2014, the brand has developed a wide range of products specially designed to bring out the best of your wardrobe. Now Steamery is sharing its secrets to inspire you to not only appreciate the garments you love, but to find joy in the mindful act of clothing care.

With quick and simple tips, The Art of Clothing Care shows you how making small changes can go a long way in keeping your wardrobe looking wonderful.

This comprehensive guide includes tips on checking a garment's quality, how to shop for pre-loved clothes, keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean without over-washing, how to remove different types of stains, simple clothing repairs and upcycling ideas, as well as inspiring thoughts on the future of fashion and clothing care.

Tapping into slow fashion trends including make do and mend, upcycling, clothing rental, sustainable textiles and shopping second-hand, this beautifully designed coffee table book is the perfect way to start thinking about how you care for your clothes and what small changes you could make to keep them looking their best.

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Penguin Random House

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