Gigantosaurus: Dream Big, Bill

Gigantosaurus: Dream Big, Bill

By: Cyber Group Studios

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A delightful introduction to Gigantosaurus’s popular brachiosaurus, this storybook is perfect for cautious young readers who are just like Bill.

This book is all about Bill, the nervous little brachiosaurus. While his friends love an adventure, all Bill wants to do is play somewhere quiet, have a snack, and stay as far away from danger as possible. But when he sees that the scariest dinosaur in the whole of the Cretaceous world is in trouble, will Bill be able to conquer his fears and help a dino in need? Bonus seek-and-find element: Readers can try to spot Bill’s special item hidden throughout the book!

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Publisher name:
Candlewick Press

Publication date:

Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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