Who's in Charge?

Who's in Charge?

By: Stephanie Allain, Jenny Klion

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With its infectious refrain, this powerful, age-appropriate picture book for young children underscores kids’ right to set boundaries—and take charge of their own bodies, voices, and choices.

Who’s in charge of your giggle? I am!
Who’s in charge of your wiggle? I am!
Who’s in charge of your face? I am!
Who’s in charge of your space? I am!

With playfulness and a powerful sense of confidence, the children in this book assert in no uncertain terms who is in charge of their lips, their hips, their eyes, their thighs, their nose, their toes, their voice, and their choice. “I AM!” comes the response that little readers will echo loudly and happily. From Stephanie Allain and Jenny Klion, debut authors who are longtime friends and activists for equity in Hollywood, comes an invigorating anthem brought to colorful life in the energetic artwork of Marissa Valdez.

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Publisher name:
Candlewick Press

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Hardback | Picture book

Penguin Random House

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