Carry Me!

Carry Me!

By: Georgie Birkett

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Mothers need a break, too! Young Wilbur rises to the occasion after his weary mommy puts her foot down in this humorous nod to lovable kids who’d rather be carried, please.

Wilbur has always loved to be carried. Of course, now that he’s bigger and stronger and more active . . . he still likes to be carried. Or given a piggyback ride. Or pushed in his cozy stroller, with a prime view of the world going by. When Mommy asks Wilbur to walk somewhere, his legs say, “Not today, thank you.” Wouldn’t his empty stroller be lonely? But today Mommy is achy and tired. So tired, in fact, that she might just have to take a break in Wilbur’s stroller . . . Kids and their caregivers will both get a giggle out of this twist on a familiar scenario—a sunny, funny tribute to doting moms everywhere.

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Candlewick Press

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Hardback | Picture book

Penguin Random House

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