Thank You

Thank You

By: Jarvis

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With inviting collage illustrations, Jarvis brings his singular whimsy and sweetness to a musing on gratitude that spans the ages.

I thank my hat for stopping my thoughts from floating
up, up, and away.
I thank the cloud for the puddles.

The moon brings nighttime, and the sun the day. With no yellow and blue, we’d be a world without green lights, and without itches we’d never know the relief of a scratch. From oversized plants that offer hiding places to boots that somehow know the way, from siblings who bravely take the first plunge to yourself for being you, award-winning picture-book creator Jarvis spans the gamut from the silly to the sublime and opens the endless possibilities for giving thanks. Strikingly illustrated in bright, clear colors, this uplifting picture book is poised to make a thoughtful gift.

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Publisher name:
Candlewick Press

Publication date:

Hardback | Picture book

Penguin Random House

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