The World of Emily Windsnap: Dolphin Rescue

The World of Emily Windsnap: Dolphin Rescue

By: Liz Kessler

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Swim with the dolphins and cheer for the protection of sea mammals in this early-reader adventure inspired by the New York Times best-selling Emily Windsnap series.

Best mer-friends Emily, Shona, and Aaron are wandering the ocean in search of something to do when they see a boat advertising “attractions” at a place called Sea Park. Finally, a great way to spend their day! But on their way to the boat, the trio pass a pair of frantic dolphins caught in nets. Carefully, they set the animals free, only to have the dolphins repay the favor by blocking their way to the boat. Could it be that Sea Park isn’t the fun destination they had hoped for—and that its attractions could involve captured dolphins, or even mermaids? It’s a close call, and they’re all safe for now, but other animals might not be so lucky. How can the mermaids and other sea creatures show the boat’s crew that sea animals should be playing free, not in a tank? With a crescendo of leaps and flips, this fourth early-reader adventure starring Emily Windsnap and friends is sure to please fans of the series—and champions of the ocean and its creatures.

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Candlewick Press

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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