Teeny Tiny Unicorn

Teeny Tiny Unicorn

By: Rachel Matson

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An colorful "Be Yourself" twist on "The Teeny Tiny Woman" that's perfect for Pride month and all-year-round!

In a field full of flowers,

Beneath a rainbow bend,

A teeny tiny unicorn

Played with all her friends.

This teeny tiny unicorn loves rainbows, glitter, and sparkle.But when her rainbow mane makes her feel different, she tries her best to blend in. With the help of some magical friends, will the teeny tiny unicorn learn how stand out and shine? Discover this colorful rainbow read-aloud, full of vibrant illustrations and bouncy rhymes, perfect for Pride season and all-year-round!

Celebrate the seasons with Teeny Tiny!

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Scholastic Inc.

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Board book

Scholastic Canada Limited

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