Yoga for Pelvic Floor and Postpartum Health

Yoga for Pelvic Floor and Postpartum Health

By: Rebecca Weisman, Meagen Satinsky

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The first comprehensive anatomy and yoga practice manual for postpartum pelvic healing—a gender-inclusive guide to poses, practices, and exercises for pelvic-floor, pain, dysfunction, and recovery

Includes full-color photos, 7 weeks of yoga sequences, and an individualized step-by-step guided self-assessment

Pelvic floor pain, injury, and dysfunction are incredibly common among postpartum people—but despite the critical importance of ongoing pelvic support and recovery post-birth, most doctors, physical therapists, and healing professionals simply aren’t equipped to offer helpful, personalized advice to ease postpartum symptoms like postpartum pain, discomfort, urinary incontinence, and painful intercourse.

Rebecca Weisman (CIYT, CYT) and Meagen Satinsky (MPT, PYT) offer the first comprehensive anatomy and yoga practice manual geared toward healing postpartum pelvic issues. With full-color images, accessible tools, and step-by-step poses and breathwork exercises, Yoga for Pelvic Floor and Postpartum Health empowers readers to get to know this vital part of their own body—and reclaim agency in caring for their own postpartum recovery, postural support, organ health, and sexual function.

  • Part 1: Anatomy reviews the anatomy of the pelvis and surrounding regions, with a special emphasis on helping you develop a deeper, more knowledgeable, and more loving connection to your own body
  • Part 2: Sequences of Asana for Practice introduces Iyengar yoga and breathwork practices to support pelvic healing—and guides you through a flexible 7-week asana sequence that you can do on your own time and come back to again and again
  • Part 3: Special Topics addresses specific pelvic concerns like painful intercourse, perineal tears, Cesarean delivery, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis rectus abdominis, urinary issues, pelvic pain during menopause, low back pain, postpartum depression and anxiety, and more

Yoga for Pelvic Floor and Postpartum Health is appropriate for any stage of your postpartum journey—whether you gave birth vaginally or by Cesarean, ten days, ten weeks, or ten years ago. With a guided self-assessment, full-color and 3-D layered graphics, and compassionate, expert counsel, readers can return to specific poses and sequences again and again on their pelvic healing journey.

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North Atlantic Books

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Penguin Random House

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