A Window into the Ocean Twilight Zone

A Window into the Ocean Twilight Zone

By: Michelle Cusolito

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Want a front-row seat to cutting-edge ocean twilight zone technology? Climb aboard for twenty-four days of photo-illustrated science at sea! A fascinating middle-grade STEM book.

Join scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and international partner organizations on a research trip to study the ocean twilight zone using the newest technologies. Science writer Michelle Cusolito takes you along for the voyage of a lifetime.

From moving onto the ship and unpacking equipment to facing massive storms while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, this book details the fascinating equipment used to study the deep ocean as well as day-to-day details such as what you eat on a Spanish research ship. Meet people and animals and learn more at sea than you ever imagined!

“From word one, Cusolito puts the reader smack into the action. Captivating creatures abound, coupled with important insights that impact our understanding of the ocean’s role in our planet’s sustainability. Perfectly titled, this book throws a window wide open, giving us an intimate look into the twilight zone.”
Tanya Lee Stone, Sibert Medalist & NAACP Image Award Winner

“Michelle Cusolito captures the essence of high-seas research in A Window into the Ocean Twilight Zone. She skillfully guides the reader through what it’s like to be a scientist at sea—the anticipation of departure, the challenges of heavy weather, and the thrill of discovery in one of the ocean’s most remote and mysterious regions. In the process, she underscores the urgency behind advancing knowledge of Earth’s last frontier—the ocean.”
Peter de Menocal, President and Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

“This spellbinding, real-life adventure will whisk you away with a team of scientists as they explore the wonders of the twilight zone. Michelle is a perfect guide to this remote realm and brilliantly shows what it's like to be a scientist working in challenging conditions. You’ll learn about the importance of teamwork and patience, find out about the exciting technologies scientists use to study the deep sea, and see how discoveries about our living planet are made. This book will spark curiosity and is perfect for budding scientists.”
Dr. Helen Scales, marine biologist and author of books for kids and adults, including What a Shell Can Tell and The Brilliant Abyss

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