Gingerbread Dreidels

Gingerbread Dreidels

By: Jane Breskin Zalben

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Chanukah and Christmas come together in this story of an interfaith, intergenerational family's blended holiday. Gelt and gingerbread, menorahs and trees, red and green and blue and white . . .

When Christmas and the first night of Chanukah occur on the same day, Sophie and Max are confused. The children are used to the two parts of their identity remaining separate, celebrating with each part of their family in turn. But this year is different: all their grandparents are coming to partake in both Jewish and Christian traditions together.

Complete with a sweet acknowledgment of the concern at the forefront of each child’s mind—how will this affect the presents?—Gingerbread Dreidels is a story for interfaith families that shows how love is at the center of every holiday.

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Penguin Random House

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