Squirrel Needs a Break

Squirrel Needs a Break

By: Kristen Remenar

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Every parent needs a break sometimes! Single parent Squirrel learns to lean on friends in this heartwarming and funny picture book about family and community.

Squirrel is at his wits' end after a long winter inside with his kits. His friends--the other woodland creatures--decide to work together to give him a much-deserved break. They hatch a plan to take turns helping Squirrel relax while they entertain the kits. Squirrel enjoys a day of self care, as the kits play, bake, and do fun activities with the other animals. It doesn't take long for Squirrel's friends to realize just how hard he works each day.

Full of humor, this book embodies the message that it takes a village--or, in this case, a forest--to raise a family!

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Penguin Random House

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