I Remember My Breath: Mindful Breathing for All My Feelings

Visualization and mindful breathing for kids helps children recognize and manage their feelings.

Young children have so many feelings. Without accessible emotional self-regulation strategies, children may communicate their big feelings with negative behaviors, bullying, or withdrawing. I Remember My Breath provides an introduction to visualization and mindful breathing for kids as an emotional self-regulation strategy.
Mindful breathing focuses on breathing and how emotions feel in the body. I Remember My Breath guides young children to identify the emotion they’re feeling and use visualization and breathing to calm themselves and manage their feelings. Teaching mindful breathing for kids as an emotional self-regulation strategy also helps children build emotional literacy and body awareness.
With its imaginative, vivid imagery and rhythmic writing style that mimics the breath, I Remember My Breath is a book that children who are experiencing big emotions can turn—and return—to for support and comfort. A special section for adults provides additional information and activities to reinforce the book’s message.