50 Beaded Bracelets


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Discover Beadwork magazine's most popular designs!

Dreaming of creating your own wearable art? This gorgeous guide is a must-have for aspiring and experienced jewelry artists alike. Featuring projects for all skill levels, 50 Beaded Bracelets showcases the top techniques and styles from one of the country's most beloved beading magazines. Turn the pages to find:

   • Detailed tutorials on popular beading stitches—including peyote, herringbone, right-angle weave, and more.
   • Illustrated, step-by-step directions for 50 beautiful bracelets with graduated skill levels, so you can learn the basics before moving on to more detailed designs.
   • Tips on choosing the right beads for your project and working with a variety of shapes beads.
Whether you're a new to beading or an experienced crafter looking for inspiration, 50 Beaded Bracelets is the ultimate resource for creating one-of-a-kind adornments to keep or give.