Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare

By: Ernesto Che Guevara

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Che Guevara’s classic text on revolutionary tactics and strategy.

Since Guerrilla Warfare was first published in 1961, it has joined the canon of classic military literature, consulted by revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries alike. In this book, Che Guevara outlines the lessons he learned as a guerrilla soldier in the Cuban revolution and explains how a small group of dedicated fighters grew in strength with the support of the Cuban people, overcoming the odds to vanquish the US-backed dictator’s army and overthrow the dictatorship.

Guerrilla Warfare is both an insightful account of one of the decisive revolutionary movements of the twentieth century and a timeless resource for freedom fighters the world over. This edition includes Che’s corrections and his suggestions for further revisions to the text—revisions his murder in 1967 prevented him from making.

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