La Guerra de Guerrillas

La Guerra de Guerrillas

By: Ernesto Che Guevara

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El primer libro del Che, escrito tras su experiencia de lucha en Cuba, imprescindible para entender el pensamiento del guerrillero heroico, en el que teoría y práctica revolucionarias siempre fueron unidas.

Che Guevara intended this book to be a manual on guerrilla warfare, as inspiration for revolutionary movements in Latin America, Africa and Asia, stressing the need for an underpinning political motivation to guerrilla methods, organisation and supply. Guevara emphasizes that guerrilla warfare is a favorable method against totalitarian regimes, where political opposition and legal civil struggle is impossible to conduct.

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Seven Stories Press

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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