José Martí Reader

José Martí Reader

By: José Martí

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This anthology of the writing of José Martí’s features bilingual poetry, political essays, writings on Latin American culture, and his letters.

José Martí organized and unified the movement for Cuban independence and died on the battlefield. His dedication to the goal of Cuban freedom made his name a synonym for liberty throughout Latin America.
This collection of the writing of José Martí’s features bilingual poetry, his political essays and writings on culture, and his letters. Readers will discover a literary genius and an insightful political commentator on the troubled relationship between the United States and Latin America.

“Martí was the guide of his time but also stands as the anticipator of ours,” wrote Cuban revolutionary leader Carlos Rafael Rodríguez. Martí was an outstanding teacher, journalist, poet and revolutionary of his time, able to interweave the threads of Latin American culture and history.

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Seven Stories Press

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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