Killer Coin

Killer Coin

By: Elka Ray

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  • The author has appeared on Talk Vietnam, (November 12, 2017, VTV 4 (Vietnam's national broadcaster) in a 40-minute documentary & interview about her writing, art & life in Vietnam.
  • Also appeared in another mini-documentary Vietnam in my Heart, (2013, VTV4, 14) about her other work Hanoi Jane & Vietnam Life
  • Elka Ray has a combined social following of about 3,000 fans and is #15 on the Goodreads list of most followed people in Vietnam.

A wealthy socialite goes missing… a battered body is found in her abandoned cabin…

At the center of it all lies the witty and down-to-earth divorce lawyer, Toby Wong. How did she manage to get wrapped up in all of this…again?

All Toby wanted was to settle into island life and start working on her own love story—torn between the wealthy and charismatic Josh Barton, and the adorable and dependable detective Colin Destin.

But Toby’s romantic prospects take the back burner when her mom’s best friend, Daphne Dane, disappears. Toby soon discovers that Daphne’s latest boyfriend is both an alleged conman and the cheating husband of her newest client. Could he be behind Daphne’s disappearance? What about Daphne’s children, vying for their aging mother’s money?

When a dead body is uncovered that entwines both Colin and Josh with the Dane family drama, Toby begins to realize her own life may be in danger.

Equal parts cozy mystery and romantic suspense, the second novel in Elka Ray's Vancouver Island mystery series will keep you up late with a twisty tale of rivalry, love, money, and murder.

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Seventh Street Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Simon & Schuster

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