ABCs of Astrophysics


From atoms to black holes, the composition of stars, Earth’s orbit, and more, this educational book explains astrophysics to the youngest scientists. ABCs of Astrophysics is written by an expert to help break down difficult vocabulary and ideas, and is a great STEM gift for kids. You will encourage an interest in science and reading from an early age. Learn about the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies as you take your baby through the alphabet.

ABCs of Astrophysics will:

  • Spark curiosity in little ones and start them on a lifetime of learning and discovery
  • Explore essential concepts of the universe for each letter of the alphabet
  • Promote reading comprehension, cognitive development, and introduce new vocabulary

Give your little astrophysicist a jump-start on learning with simple and colorfully illustrated explanations. Explore astrophysics from A to Z with baby-friendly content in ABCs of Astrophysics.