Discovering Dragons


From frigid poles to the blazing equator, from down deep in the underworld to the stormiest seas and beyond, dragons inhabit every habitat and niche available. They display mind-bending diversity; some breathe fire and some haunt the skies. Some have even developed complex language, communicating through a series of sounds and color pulses in their skin. Read through the life’s work of a dracologist and learn the biology and cultural significance of dragons. From the dragons that battled with the Knights of the Round Table to those that grappled with Greek gods, you will become an expert in dragon lore across Europe, China, Central America, and elsewhere around the world.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Marine dragons, ice dragons, arboreal dragons, burrowing dragons, volcanic lava swimmers, aerial dragons, desert dragons, and more
  • Dragon biology, including how to distinguish between wyverns, amphitheres, wyrms, drakes, dragons proper, faes, cockatrices, lindwurms, lung dragons, and salamanders
  • Dragon anatomy, including how the fire-generation organ system works, types of scales, feathers, quills, armor plating, horns, claws, teeth, and more
  • Cool features and capabilities: did you know that some dragons possess sound-dampening wings? Or that others are able to mimic colors and patterns to better ambush prey?
  • Diet, hunting behaviors, and how to avoid becoming a dragon’s next meal
  • The appearance and developmental stages of dragon eggs
  • And much more!

With stunning illustrations by award-winning artist Julius Csotonyi and a four-page gatefold poster, you’ll get an unparalleled look at these legendary creatures with Discovering Dragons. Just watch out for breathing fire!