New on Earth

New on Earth

By: Suzi Eszterhas

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Glimpse into the lives of the very youngest members of these majestic, endangered wild species.

For the last twenty years, Suzi Eszterhas has dedicated her life and her work as a wildlife photographer to capturing the family life of wild animals throughout the world, mainly those that are endangered. Often spending weeks, months, or even years with a single animal family, she has photographed many unique moments in the lives of young animals. New on Earth is a collection of her most spectacular photographs—from groundbreaking images of tiger cubs in their den in India, to newborn cheetahs on the African savanna, to brown bear cubs seeing the world for the first time in the Alaskan wilderness.

Suzi Eszterhas will donate 30% of her proceeds from this book to the Wildlife Conservation Network, one of the most respected wildlife conservation organizations in the world.

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Earth Aware Editions

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Simon & Schuster

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