Boynton's Big Box of Snuggles (Boxed Set)

Boynton's Big Box of Snuggles (Boxed Set)

By: Sandra Boynton

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From the one and only Sandra Boynton, three snuggly board books are now available together in a giftable boxed set!

It’s the wonderfulest introduction to the world of Boynton! A sweet and cuddly doggy cast shares sweet embraces. Hippos show off their belly buttons. A fox parent dotes on a fox child and their boop-able nose. Big, bold, humorous, rhyming verses, and those ever-whimsical illustrations that have made Sandra Boynton one of America’s best-loved artists. A box of pure read-aloud pleasure.

Together in a bold, happy slipcase:
Snuggle Puppy!
Belly Button Book!
Your Nose!

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Boynton Bookworks

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Board book

Simon & Schuster

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